Modafinil for eSports

Increasingly, eSports has gained momentum in recent years. From larger prize pools (The International 2015 for Dota2 totaled more than $18m USD) to more players (35k peak in number of players in Feb 13 to 738k peak in number of players in Feb 16 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), its clear that a eSports is here […]

How safe is generic Provigil? (Modafinil)

Provigil is one of the most expensive drugs compared to its generics (Modafinil) due to a lack of alternatives. Provigil retails in the USA at US$ 10-20 per pill, because it enjoys patent protection. A patent is an exclusivity granted by way of market monopoly to compensate the pharmaceutical companies for their time and resources […]

Modafinil: Elevating Mental Performance

It’s the closest thing to NZT-48, a fictional mental cognition enhancing drug in 2011 movie Limitless, except Modafinil is real and it exists today. While you won’t be popping pills and making millions on the Forex market, Modafinil has been clinically proven to temporarily: Improve brain cognition Improve working memory Shorten reaction time Reduce the effects of fatigue Perhaps […]