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What is Modafinil?

Officially, Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting drug. Marketed in the USA under the brand name Provigil®, it is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to help with sleeping disorders. However, its other properties makes it suitable for use as a cognitive enhancer. The scientific journal, European Neuropsychopharmacology, published that Modafinil was found to be helpful in complex, high-order thinking, executive functions and memory consolidation. This means that Modafinil is greatly beneficial when performing tasks that rely on contribution from multiple cognitive processes. Want to see for yourself how this wonderdrug works? Buy Modafinil Now!

Who is Modafinil suitable for?


Improved Attention-span and Learning Capacity

The 2004 study found that Modafinil significantly reduced the rate of error during long delay conditions for visuo-spatial tasks. It improved the working memory task performance for healthy volunteers in relatively difficult and monotonous work.

Suitable for: Students, Professors, Tutors


Cognitive Enhancer, Wakefulness Promoter
There is significant evidence to demonstrate modafinil’s ability to enhance processes dependent on the prefrontal cortex of our brains. The wakefulness promoting properties of modafinil are also suitable to help cope with hectic schedules and long hours.

Suitable for: Professionals, Bankers, Managers, Specialists, Engineers


Reduced Reaction Times, Better Planning
Clinical trials conducted found that reaction times under modafinil is reduced, which is extremely important in eSports and gaming. It has also demonstrated improvements in planning & decision making, which are important benefits in professional gaming.

Suitable for: Competitive Gamers, eSports Enthusiasts


Safe Motivation Booster
Unlike amphetamine-based stimulants, modafinil does not exhibit influence on heart rate. However, modafinil shares a similar ability to boost motivation. Tests show a 22% increase in time to exhaustion for physical activity under modafinil.

Suitable for: Bodybuilders, Physical Training, Sports

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