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When Coffee just isn’t enough

For many people around the world, it’s the same every day. The smell of a good roast in the morning followed by that first sip brings color to an otherwise monotonous or even zombie-like stake. In the United States alone, 150 million cups of coffee are consumed daily. Let’s face it, we are dependent on coffee. Around the world, caffeine consumption has somewhat become a necessity, like a nectar which we use as fuel to power our bodies/brains throughout the day.

Coffee Consumption

The world depends on coffee so much that we often forget it is chemically considered a drug. Caffeine found in coffee affects the Central Nervous System, with similar effects to the methylxanthine class of psychoactive substances. In fact, it ranks #2 in the world of beverages, second only to plain water. Most people unknowingly consume caffeine, as it is found in many of the drinks we consume daily. For example, Pepsi, Coke, Teas and even Mountain Dew. Even chocolate contains some component of caffeine. The problem with coffee, is that it wears off too quickly. We are all too familiar with that one day where we had to pull through the day by gulping down cup after cup of coffee, only to find ourselves dozing off shortly after. In an almost robotic-fashion, we search for more coffee hoping that it might buy us enough time because sleep is simply not an option.

But, what happens when caffeine just doesn’t cut it? Where do we turn to?

Enter Modafinil. Prescribed by doctors to promote wakefulness, it has been shown to be significantly more effective than caffeine (gram for gram) in deflecting performance degradation brought about by sleep deprivation. In the study, 400mg of Modafinil was able to bring similar benefits as 600mg of Caffeine. To give a sense of scale, 600mg of caffeine is about 6 cups of coffee or RedBull! Excessive consumption of caffeine may bring about problems, but it is highly dependent on your body. Research has shown that 500mg of caffeine is sufficient to cause symptoms of caffeine overdose in some people, which include:

Breathing Trouble, Confusion, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting or Digestive issues, Sweating, Muscle Twitches, Increased Heart Rates, Anxiety

If are a habitual coffee drinker looking for an alternative, consider Modafinil. It has the core benefits of caffeine that most people are looking for, allowing you to stay sharp, while potentially bringing about lesser side effects. It has been thoroughly researched to allow one to stay awake throughout the day in doses as small as 100mg, providing a superior alternative to caffeine. If you regularly patronize a Starbucks to get your coffee fix, Modafinil will even save you money when you add up the number of cups you’ve consumed over the last week and realize how much caffeine is costing you.

It’s nothing new. People around the world are increasingly seeking alternatives to coffee as they become conscious on our dependence on it. So the next time you are thinking of making the switch, consider a small pill that can replace the many cups of coffee you need. Think Modafinil.

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